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The Bar at The Pickled Hen

Our Bar

Elevating your experience at The Pickled Hen, we present a curated array of signature cocktails, each a masterpiece from our illustrious drink’s menu. Immerse yourself in the world of flavors with our renowned cocktails including Clover Club, Old Fashioned and more!

But that's not all. Nestled above our bar is a grand 81' TV screen that comes to life with electrifying live broadcasts of football, rugby, cricket, and more. Feel the rush of the game as you unwind in our inviting Marylebone haven, sipping on a rejuvenating coffee or perhaps indulging in something a touch more potent. Come, bask in the cozy ambiance, right in the heart of Marylebone, and witness your beloved team seize victory on the expansive canvas of our big screen!
The Pickled Hen Cocktail Selection in Marble Arch

Our Signature Line Up

At The Pickled Hen we offer a selection of signature cocktails from our drinks menu to choose from. Some of our signatures are inclusive of the Pickleback, the Southbank, and our Pear-Pick & Porky.
Discarded Spirits The Pickled Hen Bar

Let us Show you Why Waste is Beautiful

Our bar has launched a partnership with the exciting Discarded Spirits and takes ingredients that would otherwise have become waste, and turned them into something worth celebrating.


Everyday: 6:30AM - 11.00PM 

Monday - Friday: 6:30AM - 11:00AM 
Saturday - Sunday 6:30AM - 11:00AM